I Thought Kompas was Way More Professional and I was Wrong

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Recently, there’s a bit of a misunderstanding, when an Apple-issued KB article stated that Apple recommends the use of antivirus softwares for their users. Somehow, this article showed up and a lot of news websites took the bait, including Washington Post, CNET, and BBC. All of this was a false alarm, as stated by Gizmodo, and Apple itself took the KB article down with a public statement.

However, Kompas, also took the bait. Not only that they conceived the news in a wrong manner, they didn’t even put the original cited link, and potentially put a wrong conception to those who don’t understand the OS, or worse, who hated it and thought Vista was better. I took the chance of setting this straight, and I have that screenshot of my comment here. Sadly, it never see it’s published status. After all, you’re never wrong, aren’t you, Kompas? Being a responsible asshole is an entire different thing than just being a dumbass. To me, you are simply the latter one, especially with such a bold “Mac tak lagi Kebal Virus” title on your article. Tell me, do you even use or tried one? I don’t think so.